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For many, the memory of college or current college experience is one of the most special of their lives. 3 am mischief. An epiphany in the classroom. The tournament-clinching shot.

We craft our products to remind us of those feelings.

Craftsmen knit our sweaters with the softest, most durable yarns. All aspects of the manufacturing process ensure the garment lasts for years and feels luxurious for all that time. Cutting edge manufacturing technology combines with the human touch of seasoned craftsmen and designers to yield a timeless garment that captures the spirit of your alma mater or favorite team.

We founded Hillflint just after we graduated college, because we wanted to make something for our friends that would outlive all those souvenir tee-shirts. Just like our college years had become an indelible part of our identity, we wanted something that would be with us through all the years ahead.

Today we are proud to be partnered with 120 universities, with tens of thousands of customers all across the world, and stocked at over 100 retailers across the United States.